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I Got an Alarm to Keep My Renters Safe and Happy

My parents were able to support themselves with the help of rental properties when I was growing up. So, I made sure to save my money so that I could try to do the same as an adult, too. I ended up buying a condominium because I really liked the idea of two rent payments coming in to me monthly from just one building. After I purchased the condo, I had seen a flier for ADT security hanging off the doorknobs of each of the condo’s doors, but I ended up not paying attention to the fliers at first and threw them out. I learned later that this was a mistake on my part.

First, it did not take me long to rent both units out to some great renters. I put the “for lease” notice in the paper on a Friday, and by the end of the weekend, I had many people show up to view the properties. By the next week, I had selected two people who had great credit reports and had a lengthy history of being great renters. One of them moved in three weeks later, and the second rent moved in four weeks later. It seemed all was well, and I was really happy about it all.

Two weeks later I learned that one of the units had been broken into while the renter was asleep. This was alarming to say the least. I feared for my renters, and I also did not want to scare them away. I thought back to the fliers I had seen on the door before they both moved in and I quickly made a call to ADT. After setup costs, the price to monitor both of the condo units was only $20.00. This was great news, and I signed up immediately. I called both renters and told them that an installer would be out the very next day to put in an alarm. Both of the people renting from me were impressed and grateful.

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