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Sticky post My House Looks Beautiful Now

When I went to my sister’s new house about a year ago, I completely fell in love with it mainly because of one reason. There were plantation shutters on all of the windows, and it just made her house look so cozy and charming. I have only had mini blinds at my house, and I knew that was going to change. Granted, the mini blinds I had were not cheap, but they sure did not look anything like what her window treatments looked like either. I went home after seeing her house and did an online search for plantation shutters.

I knew that it was going to cost me a lot more than what the department store mini blinds cost, but I was okay with that too. I have to replace them fairly often, so I knew that it would be nice to not have to do that with these shutters. Since the shutters were already part of her house, my sister had no idea where they were purchased from. I knew that it had to be local since they were professionally installed, so I just did a search for the different companies in the area that provide and install shutters.

When I found Orange County Shutters, I knew that I found the right company. They handle everything themselves, including the customized creation of the shutters that a customer wants. I really liked the prices that they quoted me, especially considering I was able to take advantage of a promotion they were having to further discount my shutters purchase. It did not take very long before I was taking down the mini blinds and they were putting up my new shutters. My house has always looked nice before, but it looks absolutely beautiful with the new shutters. Of course, my sister takes complete credit!

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