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Security System Info in Orlando

I am living in Orlando right now, and I just bought a new house recently. I feel the need to get a security system for a reason that I never would have thought would happen to me. I won the lottery not that long ago, and it was a pretty big win, so now I have a lot of people who want my money. I am looking into ADT home security systems for Orlando and I am also considering constructing a wall around my property with a gate and all. Maybe some attack dogs too.

Well, that might be a bit much, but I am seriously worried that some of the more desperate people I know might try to rob me. I have had to tell a lot of people ‘no’, and cut off quite a few people as well. It sucks when you become rich suddenly, and then everyone wants some of your money. I did not expect it to be like this, but again, I did not expect to win the lottery in the first place. I mean, who would expect to win the lottery? I know a lot of people delude themselves about it. I just played for fun, and ended up winning. I hadn’t even bought many in my life before I bought the winning ticket.

Anyway, I need the best security system that money can buy. I am not really sure what that would be, I am not sure, but it is going to be something that I research pretty thoroughly. I am kind of thinking about the wall around my house, it might be worth it. It seems like overkill though, but I come from a pretty poor place, and I know a lot of desperate people and have no idea what they are capable of doing.

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