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Started Looking at Small Houses

Jan and I think we have enough money for a small house, but we are not so sure how much of a down payment we are going to need. We started looking at this place the other day. It was not coincidentally just around the corner from her Mom’s place. That is not a problem for me though. The place itself is probably what we have to look at, very small and it is flawed enough that we should be able to talk the guy into a lower price. He has gone to Los Angeles Shutters and made the place look pretty nice from the front. It looks perfect until you get in it and start digging around, then you soon realize that you are going to have to sink some time and money in to making it right after you pay for the house. That is fine, but you have to sit down and figure out what makes sense before you jump in.

It is like jumping off a cliff in to a lake. You can not get half way down and decide that it was not a wise idea. You have to figure out how deep the water is before you jump in to it. That is just common sense and the same thing goes for getting in to this sort of thing. You need to figure out what you need to do to the house, how desperately you need to do it and what will be involved in the process. It is not as though I can really do all of the stuff that might possibly need to be done, but I can do some of it. I can figure out roughly what sort of time would be required to do the job and how much the material would cost.

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