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You Did an Amazing Job

When our water pipes broke while we were on vacation, we had a lot of damage to the floors and other things in the kitchen, it was horrible. Thankfully we had great home insurance and it was going to cover the cost of the damage repair I just needed to find a few contractors to give them the estimates. Since I didn’t know any contractors in my area I figured the best place to find one was online. I did a Google search for water damage restoration contractors. The water damage was pretty severe so I needed someone to come and fix my kitchen as soon as possible.When I found your website I was able to contact you right away about getting an estimate for the job.

You got back with me right away and within a few days you were at my house assessing the water damage. To my surprise you told me it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. After I got two other estimates I sent them into my insurance and they agreed to pay for all of the expenses. When I got the check from the insurance company I called you right away to setup an appointment for the repairs to begin. The day you started the repairs you showed up on time and your contractors were very professional. I was so happy about that because you always hear about the horror stories about workers showing up late and then leaving early. That was not the case with you and your contractors. At the end of the week when you finished the job, you did a walk through with me to show me everything you had done. I know in the future if I ever have a need for repair work I will be giving you a call.

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